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17671 Candlewood Court
Penn Valley, CA, 95946
United States


Back in the 1950s, when he was fresh out of college, Wayne Husted was hired as Director of Design at the venerable Blenko Glass Company in Milton, West Virginia. During his ten years at Blenko, he created over 60 new designs every year, resulting in over 600 unique designs, many of which are included in museum collections and sought after by private collectors nationwide. Think of mid-century modern glass design, and you picture Wayne’s distinctly sculptural, often nonfunctional “architectural scale” designs.


Now, at the age of 88, Wayne is still designing in glass, working with glass studios nationwide, developing new techniques that push the properties and capabilities of hand-blown glass in the creation of big and colorful art glass. He is currently working with Effetto Glassworks, Slow Burn Glass, and Public Glass in the San Francisco Bay Area on the new Jazz in Glass Collectors Series of designs that recall his work of the 1950s, as well as other new art forms in glass.


This website will have a blog “Can We Talk?”, written by Wayne Husted, and a store in which Wayne’s current designs, including the Jazz in Glass Collectors Series line of art glass, will be sold.

BIRDILLINI ROLLATINI cocktail spinner/ruby #1

Gallery Store

Art glass designs created by Wayne Husted will be for sale on this page.

BIRDILLINI ROLLATINI cocktail spinner/ruby #1

birdillini ruby1.jpg
birdillini ruby1.jpg

BIRDILLINI ROLLATINI cocktail spinner/ruby #1


The BIRDILLINI ROLLATINI is based on the ROLLATINI, a unique cocktail server that mixes cocktails as it spins. Don't shake, don't stir—spin!

The BIRDILLINI is a pitcher with a beak for a spout and tail for a handle. Each one is unique.

This Birdillini is handblown in ruby and cased over crystal, with yellow eyes, orange wings, and sapphire tail. The pitcher is 6-1/2" tall x 6" in diameter.

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